The Gilbert Raby Center
Meulan sur Yvelines

This project consists of a new, two story building which hosts therapeutic workshops, a day hospital, a laundry and pharmacy. The building is inserted into the slope of the land, giving full access to each of the two levels who function independently of one another. A wide bioclimatic space serves both levels from the inside, while providing a climatic transition space between the exterior and interior. An all-wood structure, raw earth bricks and bio-sourced wood fiber insulation work to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction.

Meulan sur Yvelines (78), France

Construction of a new building for therapeutic workshops

2020-2023 Built

Fondation l'Élan Retrouvé

Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland, Troisième paysage, SAS Mizrahi, Sylva Conseil, 180° Engineering

940 m² SDP (660 m² SU)