Block C1C

Inspired by the generosity of the exterior spaces, our project aims to start a dialogue between its existing and future surroundings with the goal to act as a catalyst in thinking about new ways of cohabiting.The articulation of the architectural form enables the creation of vistas, continuous greenery and promenades to give the project a dynamic and lively character. The three architectural volumes are shaped to minimize their footprint and create a great degree of porosity between the heart of the block and its surrounding. We propose to articulate a simple and dynamic language with a particular attention to the podium and roof. This unique condition, both in terms of the generous courtyard and park facing orientation, is an invitation to open up to a large amount of views over the extensive landscape. Thus, it is through this play of form that the facades are deployed onto the space— the subtle folds in the building’s exterior direct the vistas onto the landscape and towards the best outlooks.

ZAC Campus Grand Parc, Villejuif, France

100 housing units and parking



Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland Atelier d’Architecture, Atelier Berger Milà, Igrec Ingenierie, BMF, Troisième Paysage

7.465 m² SDP

Pauline Chasles, Nathalie Lagard, Claire Sarrazin, Christopher Winwood