Tolila + Gilliland Atelier d'Architecture
35 rue Vergniaud
75013, Paris, France
Tel : 01 53 80 38 70
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Gaston Tolila and Nicholas Gilliland first met in 2003 while working on a humanitarian architecture competition for which they were laureates. This nomadic dispensary was then exhibited at the Pompidou Center, Paris in 2005. In 2011, they created the architecture studio Tolila+Gilliland based on a shared desire to design projects and see them through to completion by exploring the relationship between materials and use. Their work received the “Prix d’Architecture du Moniteur 2012 pour la première oeuvre” (French National prize for the first built work), then the 40 UNDER 40 prize in 2014, and the “Prix de l'Equerre d'Argent” in category Activity in 2023. The architectural practice of the workshop is characterized by a broad range of programs: urbanism, housing, public buildings, offices, healthcare, and retail. Focusing on the cultural, social and urban context of each site, the atelier’s projects are based on a sensitive analysis of the existing. The atelier examines construction methods as a primary means to reduce the environmental impact of each building, favoring natural, organic and geological sources.


Gaston Tolila
Architecture degree « DPLG », Paris-Villemin School of Architecture / Engineering degree, INSA Lyon, Department of Civil Engineering and Urbanism

Nicholas Gilliland
Master of Architecture, Yale University / Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kansas

Anouk Risgallah
Administrative and Commercial Director

Phoebe Rochelle
Executive Assistant

Léa Charrat
Architect Diplôme HMONP

Pauline Chasles
Architect Diplôme HMONP

Cyrielle Menardi
Architect and Urbanist Diplôme d’Architecte DE

Pierre-Yves Thominet
Architect Diplôme DE

Vickie Valser
Architect and Urbanist Diplôme d’Architecte HMONP

Elise Vanhove
Architect Diplôme Diplôme HMONP
Christopher Winwood

Sarah Bellal
Architect Diplôme HMONP

Caroline Mangin
Architect Diplôme DPLG

Nathalie Lagard
Architect  Diplôme DE

Claire Sarrazin
Architect Diplôme HMONP

Agathe Convert
Architect  Diplôme DE

Inès Sheehan
Architect  Diplôme DE

Célina Prenez
Architect  Diplôme DE

Côme de Viry
Architect Diplôme DE

Bérénice Bourgoin
Architect Diplôme DE

Alix Blanchard
Architect Diplôme HMONP


Equerre d’Argent 2023
Category “Activity”
Centre Gilbert Raby, à Meulan-en-Yvelines

Régional de la Construction Bois 2023
Category “Working and Welcoming”
Centre Gilbert Raby, à Meulan-en-Yvelines

Europe 40 under 40, 2014
Centre Européen d’Architecture, d’Art, de Design et d’Urbanisme et le Chicago Athenaeum

Première Oeuvre 2012
Le Moniteur
Mosquito Coast Factory, Campbon


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