Courbet Block

In the stimulating context of downtown Brest, the three adjacent blocks of Cerdan, République, and Courbet highlight the intersection of a historical neighborhood and a new development. Thus, the urban and architectural proposal is marked by the dichotomy of a preservation of the past and a striving toward the future. At the Courbet block, we reinstate an element of openness by exposing the site to the adjacent streets, where the layout of three separate buildings creates an inner garden. The Cerdan block will be organized around a pedestrian alley crossing from west to east, where on one side a square acts as an urban heart and on the other side a public garden performs as the green lung. At the République block, the central body of the old school, arguably the most emblematic of the complex, is preserved and elevated by duplex dwellings.

Rue de l'Amiral Courbet, 29200 Brest, France

Construction of 41 social housing, a coliving residence for young active people, a medical centre, and a parking


Groupe Duval and Icade Promotion

Architects + Urbanists
Tolila+Gilliland, Collectif d'architectes

7.880 m² SDP

Sarah Bellal, Inès Sheehan