Delage Village

The project is located in Courbevoie, on the site of the former Delage automobile factories. The building is composed of two simple figures, oriented southwards to benefit from direct sunlight on the facades and gardens. The project begins with the creation of an open ground plane, a friendly and transparent urban environment for pedestrians. This gesture of openness is found throughout each sequence of the building, from the street to the office. These sequences pass through the entry halls, the vertical circulation and naturally-lit floor landings, and extend out from the floor plate through a system of linear balconies on the exterior.  Multiple orientations and generous and diversified outdoor spaces reinforce connections in the neighborhood.
The issues of materiality, sobriety and energy production are key to a low-carbon response: ribbed CLT floors, wood-frame facades with bio-sourced insulation, passive solar protection and electricity production at roof level.  The building has been designed with a second, reversible housing plan, augmenting the flexibility and modularity of spaces and vastly extending the potential building lifespan.

Îlot B5, rue Villa des fleurs, Courbevoie, France

Construction of an office building, a cafeteria, an inter-company restaurant and a day care

Competition Lauréat 2021

BNP Paribas Real Estate Interconstruction

Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland, Zefco, Alto, Oasiis, Elioth, Troisième Paysage

24.200 m²

Christopher Winwood, Nathalie Lagard, Sarah Bellal