L'Eau Vive Hospital
Soisy sur Seine
The project of the Pussin Pavilion in Soisy consists of the rehabilitation and extension of an existing hospital building from the 1960’s, situated in a beautiful wooded park. The program of this reinvented pavilion architecture serves all functions needed for a robust children’s day care including activity rooms, multipurpose rooms, reception, doctor’s offices, and a medical care center with a pharmacy, all of which overlook the garden. The extensions prioritize creating a multitude of circulation paths on the exterior and a strong sense of connectivity on the interior. This combined with numerous large glass openings create the notion of permeability and exposure, blurring the distinction between interior and exterior and inviting the park into every space of the hospital.

Soisy sur Seine, France

Construction of the Sud Pussin Pavilion

2019 - 2021 Built

Mental Health Association of the 13th arrondissement of Paris

Architect + Urbanist

IGREC Ingenierie

1.386 m² SDP

Baptiste Sauvan, Camille Perrin