Nîmes Congress Center
The Nîmes convention center project offers the unique opportunity to realize an ambitious double project. A project that catalyzes the public and economic life of the city, but also a complex urban rehabilitation that completes a project to revitalize the historic center. On the one hand, the proposal privileges its relationship with the archaeological garden and the buildings of its perimeter and on the other hand, on the western part of the complex, redefines and revitalizes the district of Porte de France by a new precise urban sequence and consistent.

Nîmes (30)

Nîmes Congress Center

Competition 2019

The City of Nîmes

Design Team
Barozzi Veiga (Lead Architect), Tolila+Gilliland (Associate Architect), Moz Paysage, BMF (Economist), Bollinger+Grohmann (Structure), Lasa (Acoustics), Mas Ea Consultants (Event scenography), OTCE (Fluids)

9.850 m² SDP (7.050 m² SU)