Parcs en Scene
Orly Pont-de-Rungis

The project « Parcs en Scène » distinguishes itself by its location, its amplitude and its ambition. A link between downtown Orly and Thias with the north of SENIA, our project constitutes above all the alliance of two parks in a landscaping and urban weave, unifying the territory. A true green link between these two cities, this weave/armature/framework places humans at the heart of the project, by proposing a mixed program to benefit the quality of life of its habitants and users. With these animated spaces and the development of carrier themes, such urban agriculture or technology, Parcs en Scène creates a new urban centrality, whose heart beats for the Digital Scene, the metropolitan equipment dedicated to digital innovation. Parcs en Scène is the bringing together of metropolitan and local scales at the heart of a green island.

Orly Pont-de-Rungis, France

Urban project for a new housing district, offices, shops and a metropolitan facility

IMGP Competition Project Winner 2017-2029

Linkcity, Bouygues Immobilier, CDC Habitat

Architects + Urbanists
Tolila+Gilliland et Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners

Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland, RSH+P, Tracks, ABF Lab, Atelier de Midi

22 hectares; 125.000 m² SDP (Housing 112.000 m² SDP, Offices 8.000 m² SDP, Activity Space/Retail 5.000 m² SDP)

Cyrielle Menardi