Rue de la Plaine
Paris XX
Our work is driven by a desire to offer quality dwellings and spaces for future residents with an architecture that is exemplary in terms of its ecology, energy and low carbon consumption, all within a unique heritage context. In order to respond to climate change challenges, the project integrates aesthetic choices and technical constraints in a sober constructive logic. This project is an opportunity to create an architecture showcasing the re-use of materials on site, to value national recycling programs and to anticipate Paris’ Local Urbanism Plan through the rehabilitation of the existing heritage. In the search for quality of the site’s usage, form finding involves a variety of typologies: simplex, duplex with industrial framework and “townhouse” duplex with private garden. The facades are characterized by generous exterior spaces with diffuse natural light and ample views. The conservation and the rehabilitation of the halls maintains the traces of the working class neighborhood and starts a dialogue pertaining to the conception of new uses within these structures. The association between the new and the old will be read through the unique architectural forms that mark the singular identity of the project.

77 rue de la Plaine 75020 Paris, France

Rehabilitation of an office building and two industrial halls into 66 dwellings, two businesses and a childcare


Nexity Seeri

Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland, Mobius

3.354 m² SDP

Christopher Winwood