The Blue Hour
The blue hour, daybreak in Chambéry: a multiplication of horizons and everyday uses. The ZAC Cassine project is that of a city gatway. It gives a new face to Chambéry, one that is visible from the railway tracks that guide one into the city. The three buildings are aligned to the street and folded along the railway embankments via a dynamic facade that follows the movement of the trains. On the ground floor, a large facade opens along the Cours de la Cassine to accommodate the neighborhood. On the first floor, a lively restaurant terrace extends onto the promenade situated among the trees. On the upper floors, new ways of living and working are combined with distant views of the mountains. On the roofs, the inhabitants meet to play sports or to join friends under the sheltered terraces. From afar, at the end of the day, the horizon reflects and multiplies, the terraces and balconies are alive with life, and the trees can be read against the blue night sky.

ZAC Cassine, Chambéry, France

Construction of three buildings, including co-living flats, a food court, a medical centre and offices

Competition 2020

Chambéry Grand Lac and ADIM

Architects + Urbanists
Tolila+Gilliland, CET, Canopée

10.361 m² SDP / 7.872 m² SHAB

Pierre-Yves Thominet, Cyrielle Menardi, Clotilde Paris