Champs Libres Exhibition
The Relative Size of Things & The Vertigo of The Infinite
In 1977, the designers Charles and Ray Eames made Powers of Ten, a short film that magnificently evokes, through the simple illustration of an exponential operation, the abyss of space that surrounds us and constitutes us. To venture to calculate the immeasurable, to build the impossible or to understand the inexplicable, is to risk this vertigo which puts us back to the measure of what we are.
The Relative Size of Things & The Vertigo of The Infinite deploys a large sculptural ensemble where composite temporalities, spaces and multiple scales are articulated. A heterogeneous assemblage that brings together both reduced representations of installations by Benoît-Marie Moriceau made for other places and which have now disappeared, along with installations that have never seen the light of day and are made visible in the form of models and dioramas. An artistic intervention is also visible from the floors of the Library, at the scale of the panorama over the city.
For the past fifteen years years, Benoît-Marie Moriceau's installations have developed according to the circumstances of exposure or according to the nature of the places in which he is brought to intervene. From an elementary formal vocabulary and by crossing different times and fields of knowledge, his interventions generate disturbances or perceived disruptions which oscillate continuously between the infinitesimal and the spectacular.

Benoit Marie Moriceau

Benoit Marie Moriceau, Tolila + Gilliland

Rennes, France



476m² SU