Tree Houses

At the border of the classified woodland area, the new project brings a unique program and a new density which must absolutely preserve the identity of the site and the teeming vegetation. The implementation of a residence brings transformation and reinvention to the site. Indeed, after having been a place of activity and work, it must become a true place of life, where future residents will be able to fully benefit from the quietude of the parc and the exceptional environment that surrounds them. The building is accessed through the main body by walking through trees to get to the podium level where the communal and meeting spaces of the residence are located. Each space along with the circulation paths have views on the surrounding parc. The circulation paths, generously dimensioned are occasions for encounters and exchanges and participate in the development of a community. The interior circulations in the floors are always naturally lit and offer views on the landscape to guarantee comfortable use and a transition between the outdoors and the intimacy of one’s apartment. Each dwelling benefit from a generously dimensioned exterior space where the residents literally live on tree canopies.

5 Boulevard Pierre Carle, Noisiel, France

Construction of seniors residence with 102 individual housing

Winner 2021

Icade Promotion

Design Team
Tolila+Gilliland, Bassinet Turquin paysage, Zefco, Minerva, Betem

6.600 m² SDP

Pierre-Yves Thominet